Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 12 - Videos/YouTube

  • love YouTube - one of the easiest applications for me to use
  • created an account and posted a comment at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-mIHk2rM0Q
  • use it to learn new pieces in my choir by:
  • find best version of a choir singing the piece we're practising in choir - for example here is link to one (ignore video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DNNdAROixI or this one with Oscar Peterson who needs a choir for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-mIHk2rM0Q download it and sing along with YouTube choir, music in hand
  • turn on the electric keyboard (situated right across from computer) and peck out the problem notes along with YouTube and sing at the same time - over and over and over again if necessary to 'get it'
  • above process guaranteed to clear a room in seconds
  • chose above videos first one for the audio (I don't look at video too depressing) and second one for audio and video because this is my favourite of his (Peterson) and we sing both
  • sent video to leader
  • what I dislike about YouTube: too much space taken up for comments - many are so ridiculous

Week 11 - Podcasts and audio files

  • have downloaded i-tunes - easy - listening to some jazz right now
  • subscribed to RSS and listened to a few minutes of the podcast from Sirsidynix Institute - would like something a little lighter next time please
  • having great deal of trouble with audio book from LibriVox and I really only wish to listen to one little poem by Frost or anyone really - I keep clicking on mp3 and ogg files and then it says they're downloading then it says "done" - so where the heck are they downloaded to?
  • going home to listen to audio book on cd - would like to figure this out soon though - it would certainly cut down on trips to library etc.
  • found audio book - great - LibriVox reader not as good as professional actors - on the other hand buying audio books is $$$$ and time needed to borrow discs from library


Originally uploaded by lweijs

  • stump from the beautiful tree next door - I miss it (the whole tree that is) so much!
  • realize this post should be with Flickr week 4 or so but I can't figure out at the moment how to move it there
  • very busy catching up with RULA
  • will use my flickr to post pictures and let faraway relatives see them
  • I can allow only some people to see them, right? hope so.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 10 Browser Tools

  • running a little behind just getting title in as a start
  • just installed "colourful tabs" - beautiful - I mean, how did I live without these, seriously I can see my tabs much better now
  • could live without message re malicious users and privacy violations though
  • am placing my trust, privacy etc. in RULA2.0 guides

Friday, March 20, 2009

Week 4 Flickr finally! Mouse Watch

I did it - so many things to do with Flickr - very straight forward (with leader by my side) thanks alot Naomi - see post one above this for photo.

Mouse Watch - tails abound of the critters moving up in the world (to the first floor I believe)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

RULA 8 Google Applications continued

  • don't know if anyone else can see it but shared and asked for collaboration on document I made called Live music Toronto a list of two inexpensive/interesting music things to do this weekend
  • invited people to add their own too
  • chose 14 emails from work list to share with including leader
  • not sure how everyone knows I did this - do they get an email?
  • would work well in Library for collaborating AND getting word out on a project, event at the same time - while allowing for people to invite in and share more widely - very neat

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Week 9 and counting Social Networks - Facebook

  • bit worried about new facebook account - was feeling paranoid and lied about my age, sex, year when I graduated from High School and my first name
  • could be in for public embarassment since I used my real surname which is kind of, well, unique
  • ???? - why when my profile is so incredibly wrong, when I searched for friends from that High School, did I get a result for a woman my age who graduated the year I did and who, well, I'm sorry to say it, used to have a really big mouth (in High School) - I guess she might have changed but from the looks of her picture it's not likely - is it possible that she could report all over the facebook world that Lies Weijs made a facebook account as a male named Rufus Weijs who graduated in the '90s instead of the '70's - hope not - would not ever attend High School reunion
  • went back to privacy setting - ticked that only my friends can see anything AND don't have any friends [yet] so will that do the trick?
  • next step: invite 2 sons to be my friend - fat chance!
  • declined by both kids - claim that they have nothing to hide but their friends do! right ok well to heck with them I have two new friends so thanks Kraigen and Denise - children think it's very hilarious that I only have 2 facebook friends - I told them it's all about quality